What are the minimum requirements?

The list of minimum requirements by platform

ITESLIVE is a multiplatform software, here are the minimums required for each of them.


Minimum: WebOS smart signage platform 4.0

Recommended: Latest version available

Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP)

Minimum: Samsung Smart Signage Platform 6.0

Recommended: Latest version available


Minimum: Windows versions supported by Microsoft and allowing the use of the most recent version of the .NET Framework  
Recommended: Latest version available

Note: For more information on the versions supported by Microsoft


Component Description 
CPU Intel Core i3 10th generation 3.00 Ghz
System type 64-bit
Storage capacity 126 GB SSD
Video port HDMI port or DisplayPort
Operation system - Microsoft Windows 10 2016 LTSB (End of support: October 2026)
- Microsoft Windows 10 2019 LTSC (End of support: January 2029)
- Microsoft Windows 10 2021 LTSC
- Microsoft Windows 10 Home/Pro (Must be kept up to date as per Microsoft’s requirements)
- Microsoft Windows 11 (Must be kept up to date as per Microsoft’s requirements)

Important: Seeing that it is now impossible to install the latest version of the .NET Framework on the Windows 10 2015 LTSB operating system, this version of Windows is no longer supported by the ITESLIVE software.


Web Player

Minimum: Chromium 56

Recommended: Latest version available

Note: The ITESLIVE software can also be used with the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.


Minimum: Android 7.0

Recommended: Latest version available

Note: ITESMEDIA is a certified partner of Philips and ELO Touch.

Note: Some platforms, although running on Android 7.0 +, have a unique peculiarities that could affect how ITESLIVE works. It is recommend to test your device with a free trial. You can also inquire with your representative or contact our team at support@itesmedia.tv


Minimum: Version 8.5 of the Brightsign firmware


Any modern distribution capable of executing the latest version of Chromium and an X11 session. The following architectures are supported: x86 64 bit, ARM 32 bit et ARM 64 bit.

Important: The presence of a video driver supported by Chromium's graphic acceleration is strongly recommended for the best possible performance.

Important: It is strongly recommended that you test the selected player and distribution combination yourself, ITESMEDIA cannot guarantee compatibility with your chosen system.

The following are distributions that have been tested:

  • Ubuntu Desktop 20.04
  • Debian 10 et 11
  • Fedora 34
  • CentOS Stream 8
  • Arch Linux
  • Raspberry Pi OS

The following desktop environments have also been tested:

  • Gnome
  • Plasma
  • Xfce
  • LXDE
  • MATE
  • OpenBox
  • Budgie
  • Cinnamon
  • Deepin
  • Fluxbox
  • lwm

Note: Raspberry Pi devices are also supported by the ITESLIVE software.
(Desktop version with Raspberry Pi 4+ exclusively)