How to add a Microsoft PowerPoint document to a playlist

Learn how to add a Microsoft PowerPoint document to a playlist.


available with:
Windows Player : Pro, Premium
web Player : Pro, Premium
LG webOS Signage Player : Pro, Premium
Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP / Tizen) Player : Pro, Premium
BrightSign Player: Pro, Premium
Android Player: Pro, Premium
Linux Player: Pro, Premium
macOS Player: Pro, Premium


Important: Before proceeding with the creation of an Office 365 clip, your IT must have completed the following configurations.

1. Copy the link for the document you wish to use from your office 365 account


Important: You cannot upload a PowerPoint document directly on the ITESLIVE Studio, therefore you need to use an Office 365 account to display your documents.

2. In the ITESLIVE Studio, select the zone where you wish to add a web page

2. Naviguez vers votre liste de diffusion

3. Click the “+” above the content of your playlist

3. Cliquez sur le « + » au-dessus du contenu de votre liste de diffusion

4. Select the Office 365 clip type

4. Sélectionnez le type de clip Office 365

5. Select the PowerPoint document

5. Sélectionnez le document Word

6. Paste the sharing URL for the document you wish to use in the text box

6. Paste share URL

7. Adjust your clip settings

Click “Next” to adjust your clip settings.