What kind of equipment do I need for a digital display setup?

This article describes the equipment required to start a digital signage project

A digital display setup requires a monitor and a media player. ITESLIVE is just as effective with an integrated player and monitor as it is with an external player. The player can be Web or Windows-based.

Which monitor types should I use?

You can use an LCD, LED, OLED, Ultra wide, curved or touchscreen monitor. In theory, any screen is compatible with a digital display network. However, there are a few criteria to factor into your selection. This article provides more information on this topic. 

Does my monitor need to support a specific resolution for the ITESLIVE display?

No, although the ITESLIVE Studio presents a list of resolutions for your display in the display parameters, the software can support any resolution using the "Personalized" resolution configuration. See the display configurations for more information on the available parameters.

Does my monitor need to support a specific aspect ratio for the ITESLIVE display?

As it is the case for resolutions, the ITESLIVE software can support any aspect ratio with the configuration of a "personalized" resolution. That being said, the most common aspect ratio for monitors is the 16:9 aspect ratio, essentially the same display format as the desktop monitors you can find in stores. The following are exemples of aspect ratios you can use for your display depending on your choice of monitor.

  • 16:9
  • 16:10
  • 21:9

Media player 

The content is displayed on the monitor, which in turns is fed by a media player. ITESLIVE can operate with a Web player or Windows player. The features of both are identical, although there are a few differences in terms of how they operate. As indicated earlier, the software works just as well with an integrated monitor and player setup as it does with an external player. 

Note that ITESLIVE is a multiplatform system and is compatible with any device. The software is not tied to a specific operating system or piece of equipment, making it very flexible. This version can run on Windows, Android, Tizen, WebOS, Linux and other systems. Talk to one of our advisors to find out which solution best suits your needs: sales@itesmedia.tv.

Interested in learning more about the other components of a digital display ecosystem? Read on!

Note: Voici la liste complète des systèmes d'exploitation supporté par le logiciel ITESLIVE.

  • LG WebOS
  • Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP)
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Lecteur web (diffusion à même un navigateur web sur votre ordinateur)
  • Android
  • BrightSign
  • Linux

Vous pouvez voir les détails des minimums requis pour chaque système dans l'article suivant.

Quels sont les minimums requis?