How to install ITESLIVE on a dedicated computer?


available with:
Windows Player: Starter, Pro, Premium

How to install the ITESLIVE application

The first step is to download ITESLIVE on the computer you want to install it on. In order to achieve this, you have two options.

Option 1

Download ITESLIVE by clicking on the following link:

Option 2

Connect to your account on the ITESLIVE Studio, then navigate to the screen of the player you wish to use. 

1 screen select

Then, select the broadcasting icon above the illustration of the screen frame in the                           « Select a zone » section. 
2 broadcasting

In the broadcasting window, click on the button named « Download Client ».
3 Download Client

Note: In the even that the player type displayed in the broadcasting window in the ITESLIVE Studio does not represent the type of device you wish to use for your display. It is possible to change this configuration in the ITESLVIE Studio.

How to install ITESLIVE

Once the installer has been downloaded, launch it and select the language you wish to use for the installation.  
Sélection de la langue

In the « Welcome to the installation » window, you can click on the « Cancel » if you do now wish to continue with the installation or click on the « Next » to continue.

4 Welcome

Before selecting the configurations that will be used to complete the installation of the ITESLIVE software, you must first accept the the license agreement.  You can click directly on the URL in the installer to access this information.

Note: It is strongly recommended to read through the terms and conditions for the use of the ITESLIVE software before accepting them and proceeding with the installation. You can use the following URL in order to read the agreement's terms and conditions.

5 Licence agreement

After accepting the license agreement, you must specify the destination folder for the ITESLIVE application. The destination folder will be the folder in which the ITESLIVE software will be installed. By default the destination folder is the following. 

That being said, it is possible to click on the « Browse... » button in order to select a different location for the software. Once you have selected the desired destination click on the            « Next ».

Important: As it is stated in the installation window, the ITESLIVE software requires a minimum of 223.7 MB of free hard disk space. Please note that this does not include the software's dependencies or the hard disk space that will be occupied by the content that will be used with the application.

6 destination

By default, the folder in the start menu in which the ITESLIVE application's shortcut will be included is named « ITESMEDIA ». You can modify the name of the folder manually, you can also click on the « Browse... » in order to select a different location. 

Note: A shortcut will also be included in the Windows startup folder.

Once the desired destination has been selected, click on the « Next » button.

7 Start menu

Additional Tasks

The installer's additional tasks will add configurations that will made on the computer if they are activated. 

Install CPU Thermometer service

CPU Thermometer is a service that allows the ITESLIVE to obtain the computer's processor's temperature, this information is available in the player's details on the ITESLIVE Studio. 

Important: If the CPU Thermometer is not installed on the computer, it will not be possible to obtain the processor's temperature on the ITESLIVE Studio.


Configure NTPD
This section offers three possibilities, not to apply any NTP configurations, configure the Windows NTP or install the NTPD service.

Note: The NTP abbreviation refers to a time-server that allows the computer to ensure that its date and time are always accurate.

  • No time configuration
    The computer's NTP configuration will not be modified.

  • Configure Windows NTP (Network Time Protocol)
    The installer will make it so that the Windows time service is activated and is used to synchronize the computer's date and time.

  • Install NTPD
    NTPD is a free service named Network Time Protocol Daemon that will be installed and configured according to the computer's regional settings. The installer will deactivate the Windows time service and will ensure that the NTPD service will be used to syncrhonize the computer's date and time. 

Note: It is possible to use the NTPD service even if you wish to use your own time server. Click here to see the require manipulations to edit the service's configurations.

Enable Microsoft Update

The "Enable Microsoft Update" option is enabled by default because it allows the update of Microsoft products (other than Windows) on the device. Thus, ensuring that .Net is up to date seeing that it is a prerequisite for the ITESLIVE software.

Install ScreenConnect

ScreenConnect is a remote control service that allows us to intervene remotely on the computers that are displaying your content using the ITESLIVE software if needed. If this checkbox is activated, the installer will install ScreenConnect and will make the computer accessible remotely to our support team.

Important: This configuration is disabled by default, this is because we do not wish to impose our remote control solution on you. However, it is important to note that without ScreenConnect installed on the device or unless an alternative remote control software is provided, it will be impossible for our support team to intervene remotely on the computer.

Disable screen saver

When this configuration is activated, the installer will remove the registry key that makes the Windows screen saver function. This ensures that the screen saver is not displayed over the content displayed by the ITESLIVE software.

Important: Disabling the screen saver this way will not modify the power options in Windows, it is strongly recommended to revise these configurations before starting your display. 

Create a desktop shortcut

When this configuration is activated, a shortcut for the ITESLIVE software will be added to the Windows desktop for the user that is completing the software installation.

Once you have completed the selection of the additional tasks that you wish to include in the installation, click on the « Next » button.

9 Next-installation

Installation - ITESLIVE Client 

This window summarize the configurations that have been selected in the previous steps, once you are ready to proceed, click on the « Install » button.11 installation iteslive client

When the installation is launched, you will see a progression bar indicating the progression of the installation in progress.

11 progress bar

End of the installation - ITESLIVE Client

The last window of the ITESLIVE Client installation confirms that the installation has been successfully completed. In the event that you do not want to immediately launch the software, click the checkbox named « Launch ITESLIVE Client ».

Note: Please note that the ITESLIVE application will be launched the next time Windows restarts. It is also possible to start the software manually by using one of the shortcuts created during the installation.

12 End of the installation

If you have chosen to launch the ITESLIVE software, a window requesting a PIN will be displayed on the desktop. 
14 Pin

How to obtain a PIN?

Login to your account on the ITESLIVE Studio, then navigate to the player that you wish to use. 

13 SelectPlayer

Select the broadcasting icon above the illustration of the screen frame in the « 02 Select a zone » section.  
14 Broadcast icon

In the broadcasting window, click the « Generate player activation Pin ».
15 Generate pin

Click the "Accept" button to generate a PIN.

Important: Please note that the display on the screen will be interrupted if the new PIN generated is used in the presence of an old PIN and the latter will be revoked.


Finally, copy the PIN and enter it in the ITESLIVE Client.