How to install ITESLIVE on a Linux device

The steps to follow to install the ITESLIVE software on a Linux device.


available with:
Linux player: Starter, Pro, Premium


Note: To ensure that the software on the Linux player supports the automatic restart function, please follow the procedure in the following URL.

On the Linux device you wish to use, connect to your account on the ITESLIVE Studio and navigate to the player you wish to use for the ITESLIVE display.

01 - selection lecteur

To obtain the URL to download the ITESLIVE application for Linux, click the broadcasting button for the selected player.

02 - diffusion


Select the appropriate version of the AppImage file for your system, click the link that represents the file and the download will start.

AppImage x86_64 :
AppImage x86 :
AppImage ARMv7 (32 bit) :
AppImage ARM64 :

Then click the "Generate player activation Pin" button.


Click the accept button to generate the activation PIN.

Important: Please note that the display on the screen will be interrupted if the new PIN generated is used in the presence of an old PIN and the latter will be revoked.


Note the PIN generated by the ITESLIVE Studio.


Once the download has been compelted, right-click the file in the bottom left corner of the browser and select « Show in folder ».

Move the AppImage file to the location where you wish to conserve it, for instance, in the user's home folder.

Important: The user that will be broadcasting the display must have re and write access on the desired folder.

05 - dossier personel

Once the application is in the desired folder, right-click the application and select properties. 
05_2 - Proprietes

In the properties window, click on the permissions tab.

05_3 - Permissions

Activate the checkbox that allows the application to be executed as a program and close the window.

05_5 - executer en tant que programme

The next step will be to ensure that the display starts automatically, click the button that opens the application menu in the bottom left corner of the desktop.


Select the icon that represents the startup applications.
07 - Applications au demarrage

In the startup applications window, click the add button.

08 - ajouter

Enter the name you wish to use as a reference to the ITESLIVE application and click the browse button.

09 - Parcourir

Navigate to the AppImage file of the ITESLIVE application, select it and click the open button.

10 - ouvrir

Once the application has been selected, click the add button.
11 - Ajouter

Once the application appears in the list of applications launched when the system starts up, you can close the window. The next time the user logs into the device, the ITESLIVE display will be broadcast, that being said the display will require a PIN to identify the ITESLIVE player that will be used for the display on this device. You can either start the application manually to enter the PIN or restart the device so that the application will be launched when the system starts up. In any case, a window requesting a PIN will be displayed.

12 - PIN

Enter the PIN that you noted earlier in this process and click the save button, the display will then start.