How to change the display resolution (orientation)


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When you creating an account, the display will automatically be set to landscape orientation and a resolution of 1920x1080. Obviously, if we have created custom screen frames for you and you have asked for another resolution, the preprogrammed settings are the ones that will be there by default. 

My Movie 4

1. Select the screen whose resolution you wish to change

At step “01 Select a Screen,” choose the display whose resolution you will be changing.

Select screen

2. Open the screen settings

At “02 Select a Zone,” click the gear icon.

resolution gear

3. Changez la résolution

For example, if you wish to change the screen to portrait mode, select 1080x1920. When you are done, click “Accept.”

change resolution

Caution: You may also be required to configure the resolution of your screen, especially if you have changed the orientation. See the user guide for your screen if you require further information.

4. Add a screen frame that matches the new resolution

Once you have changed the screen resolution, don’t forget to select a screen frame with the same resolution. To proceed, you can: